Sporting Psyche Series 2: Letting it Go- moving on from the ‘Miss’

We cannot succeed in life without experiencing disappointment, underachievement, missed opportunities and mistakes, but perhaps the most important factor in facilitating success is learning how to minimise the negative feelings that are often associated with experiences where our expectations are not met.  Most of us are naturally inclined to elevate the perceived ”failure’ whilst falling to remember the positive, useful… Read more →

Sporting Psyche Series 1: Back from Injury

Injuries to athletes are commonplace but that doesn’t necessarily mean that individuals always manage both the experience of being injured, and therefore missing out on their daily diet of doing their ‘job’, and the period following rehabilitation when they are expected to resume their performance level irrespective of how long it may have been since they were injured. Physical injuries… Read more →

Pressure Channelling

We’re all aware of how important it is for athletes to deal with the potential pressure that surrounds their respective games, performances and expectations. Michelle Paccagnella, an Australian Sports Psychologist, described pressure as a feeling which is created by one’s reaction to performance within sporting situations, potentially influencing the mind.  Pressure is mentally conceived and can naturally be channelled in… Read more →

Tweaking the performance: how sports science/hypnosis/NLP makes the difference

I was always fascinated with how therapeutic techniques could be used to help manage and fine-tune a ‘performance’, whether this was in the arts or sports arena.  On completing my various counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP courses, I felt well equipped to channel these ideas and resources into working with individuals in order to enhance their capacity on stage or in… Read more →