‘The Internal Sports Star’

Sport is not just physical. It is now recognised that it is just as much about the internal state as it is about the talent and competence possessed in a particular field. Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching can help the ‘The Internal Sports Star’ maximise their skills and go beyond their current potential. NLP Coaching and Hypnosis will provide… Read more →

Imaging the Good Performance

Any ‘performer’ whether they’re a top athlete, actor or a lecturer, has the power to draw upon their back catalogue of memories, resources and of course performances. We too often fail to ‘bottle’ and maintain the many positive memories which in similar and dissimilar arenas tend to hold the necessary and transferable ingredients. Recreating the good performance invariably will take… Read more →

Relaxed Swings, Shots and Strokes

It may seem very elementary and obvious to promote relaxation since this is expected to be something that should come easily to us without any effort. We are all taught to appreciate the benefits of relaxation and how it promotes an enhanced physical and mental well-being, and how it enhances many of the qualities that are necessary in sport such… Read more →