Hi, I am Saul Hillman and work as a therapist in North West London. I offer help in a diverse number of areas using a combination of counselling, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and life coaching. I prefer using an integrative or mixed approach. Everybody is unique and I approach each problem individually.

I work with many psychological problems: stress reactions, generalised and free floating anxiety, phobias, depressive symptoms, low motivation, low self confidence and esteem, addictions and habits including eating disorders, weight loss, smoking, drinking and drugs. And with some physical conditions including pain control, blood pressure reduction and insomnia.

101 REASONS FOR THERAPY? 3. You need to forget

It may be rather counterintuitive to think about how we may need to learn strategies to forget given that so much emphasis, time and focus in placed upon helping people improve their ability to remember things and preserve the capacity to maintain this state from declining.  However, forgetting itself is… Read more →