Sporting Excellence

I always have been fascinated with performance whether it’s with the sports or more artistic arena.  I am able to draw upon many of my skills and experiences from conventional psychology and counselling, NLP, hypnosis and life coaching, but I have supplemented this more general training with a specialisation qualification in sports NLP/hypnosis so that I can channel theseskills for those athletes (professional and amateur) who are keen to have a psychological command over their performance.  Sports hypnosis and NLP will help ensure that your mental skills match your physical ones.  Mental training is about maximising your potential in your sporting discipline and includes many of the areas I would already focus upon with other conditions, however, I am interested in helping athletes ‘get in the zone’, prepare for a perfect performance through drawing on previous and future memories and fantasies, and remaining focused and concentrated when it matters. I am also interested in the physical nature of being an athlete so I work around breathing control, muscular and mental relaxation, and managing pain and injuries that may be alleviated through mind control.  I am really keen to help ‘performers’ (athletes or non-athletes) to use imagery to help them increase confidence, control and success.



I will do individual work with athletes to focus on improving their performance through mental strengthening.

‘I feel more focused now when I am playing a big tennis game and I’m on that court’ (19 year old amateur tennis player).

‘I used to get terrible nerves whenever I was at a big swimming gala and my performances used to drop. Now I can use what Saul has shown me.’ (22 year old amateur swimmer)