Managing adversity

We all hit periods in our life where we are struck with varying degrees of adversity and stress.  I have just had my own personal ‘annus horribilis’ with a set of highly demanding challenges to negotiate.  We increasingly hear the word ‘resilient’ used to describe that capacity to manage ourselves during these periods. Though some people seem to be born… Read more →

Your Internal Compass

Since we inhabit a world where we are faced with so many external forces and expectations, we often fail to follow our conscience or what I’d like to call our ‘compass’.  Our behaviour is largely moulded by what we have learned from external authorities both in our past and present, and which have become internalised through repetition.  We are often… Read more →

Food for Thought

We are a society obsessed with dieting and weight loss, which naturally generates thoughts around every facet of what we eat, whether this is our intake of fat, protein, cars or a whole range of other nutrients. Conventional wisdom around how we approach weight loss means that we become almost compulsively obsessed with food whether we are eating or not.… Read more →