Nature of my therapy

Belsize Health ClinicFirst, and most commonly, you can make an appointment to see me at Belsize Health Clinic in Belsize Park in North West London. You will have an initial consultation session, after which a plan of sessions will be agreed. The length of treatment depends on the problem, so in some cases only a limited number of sessions will be necessary, but for other problems a longer course of treatment would be recommended. We review progress together on a regular basis.

Remote therapySecond, you may wish to opt for Remote therapy via telephone counselling or Skype coaching. This mode of therapy works for those are unable to make the commitment of coming to see me and may not require hypnotherapy work. It can also be used to complement face-to-face sessions. This mode of therapy may also work for those who do not live or work near my practice.

Online therapyThird, you may wish to opt for Online therapy. This mode of therapy again may suit those who are unable to come in person and may even live far away.

More details on how Online therapy works are available here.

It is possible to use a combination of these three modes.

I work in many different ways using:

  • counselling
  • hypnotherapy/hypnosis
  • neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • life coaching
  • mainstream psychology

I work with clients across many different areas:

  • addictions and habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling)
  • eating disorders (weight loss, anorexia, bulimia)
  • depression
  • low self-confidence and self-esteem
  • anxiety and panic disorders
  • phobias
  • obsessive compulsive disorders
  • motivational difficulties
  • relationship management
  • performance management
  • emotional management (anger)


You will be assured of complete anonymity and confidentiality, whether in face-to-face therapy or through telephone and online counselling.

I take the security of your personal data extremely seriously through all types of therapy on offer. I have technology and security policies designed to protect personal data. I also follow strict security procedures as required by the UK Data Protection Act. These cover storage and disclosure of information you are providing. We can remove all details from online therapy sessions at your wish.

All financial situations are secure and are stored in Paypal, and I simply get notification of payment. This also serves as verification of your identity.