Online therapy – details

These are text-only therapy or coaching sessions which can either take place within a private ‘chat room’ or through email.
–              E Coaching is suitable as you don’t have to be online at the same time as the therapist, you and the therapist can take time with your thoughts and write at length. E-mail is especially preferred by people who like to write, and people who have very busy schedules.

–                 Online Therapy is preferred by those who want right-now response from the therapist. Just remember: chat is a very slow way of communicating.  This method uses a private chat room which is available on my website.

For both e-coaching and online therapy, please ensure that you are in a quiet, undisturbed place and that the technology is working!

Payment needs to be made on the day of the session by going to my payment page.  If there are any difficulties, please contact me for further details.

For all online appointments, email in the first place to and a free consultation by email will talk about the practicalities and way forward.  On the payments page you will find different options as far as online therapy/e coaching are concerned.  Some of these packages are purely in the therapy ‘chat room’, other packages are e-coaching (emails only), whilst others use a combination of these.  During the initial email consultation, I will ask you for a brief description of the problem you wish to work with.

Please remember that all online therapy is confidential and during sessions, the therapy chatroom cannot be accessed by anyone else.