Food for Thought

We are a society obsessed with dieting and weight loss, which naturally generates thoughts around every facet of what we eat, whether this is our intake of fat, protein, cars or a whole range of other nutrients. Conventional wisdom around how we approach weight loss means that we become almost compulsively obsessed with food whether we are eating or not.… Read more →

A Neurochemical Make-over

When we talk about psychological difficulties, we tend to focus upon behaviour, thoughts and emotions, and often the interplay between these, however, increasingly, there is strong evidence that neurotransitters have a strong role in mental health conditions including depression and anxiety. The neurotransmitters bind to receptors within the post-synaptic membranes and affect the signal sent across the We’ve all heard of… Read more →

How to Keep Resolutions

As we cautiously stagger our way into the new year, millions of people across the world are setting goals and targets to better themselves.   We’ve been persuaded from all quarters that the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to make these pledges and change something for the better.  The most common resolutions are to lose weight, give… Read more →

101 REASONS FOR THERAPY? 3. You need to forget

It may be rather counterintuitive to think about how we may need to learn strategies to forget given that so much emphasis, time and focus in placed upon helping people improve their ability to remember things and preserve the capacity to maintain this state from declining.  However, forgetting itself is an important facet that allows us to be selective in… Read more →